Sunday, June 16, 2013

Braving the Wind and the Rain

The day started like any other day. It was cloudy and little sunny;  then we got the warning. We were in a tornado watch. We packed up 30 minutes earlier than we usually do and went back to Tent City and made sure that everyone’s tents were secure for the upcoming wind and rain. We proceeded to go to the showers and to dinner. While at dinner the sky started to turn black, we left early to go back to camp to brave the oncoming storm.
The rain and wind started immediately after we arrived. Neill’s (a student at UNI) tent broke down and a couple of us attempted to him bring his things inside the pole barn as it down-poured. As we took shelter inside the pole barn, it started to flood. Five of us started to create a barrier of gravel between the water and our equipment.

Overall the aftermath of the storm wasn’t too bad, besides Neill’s tent. Some of the grass in our area had been flattened so perfectly it was like aliens did it.
Our pits did have to be bailed out but the pits themselves were fine. We had all survived the short-lived apocalypse.

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